Olive Oil

Olive oil from the Montagne Noire with Languedoc scrubland flavours

Huile d'olive L'Ostal Cazes

Extra virgin olive oil

Some of the most intensely flavoured olive varieties grow in the Domaine de L'Ostal Cazes, below the Montagne Noire. They are blended according to traditional practices and produce complex, powerful and delicate olive oils.

The complex aromas of the olive oil from Domaine de L'Ostal will enhance fish, pasta and chicken and will add a touch of authenticity to your traditional dishes.

This high-quality olive oil is made from a blend of around 20 of the best olive varieties, including Picholine for its strength and Lucques for its finesse as well as Ascolana and Verdal.

The olives are harvested by hand between mid-November for the Ascolana and mid-January for the Picholine. Olives are hand-picked before being pressed using traditional methods in order to produce a light-coloured and distinctive olive oil bursting with aromas of Languedoc scrublands.

4,600 trees on 25 hectares of land

The Domaine de L'Ostal Cazes' 25 hectares of south-facing olive groves are sheltered by the Montagne Noire. They were planted in the 1960's, following the heavy frosts of 1956, and now count almost 4,600 trees. The olive grove at the Domaine de L'Ostal underwent significant renovations in 2003, including clearing, uprooting and pruning.

The Livinière region enjoys a Mediterranean climate, sheltered from rain by the Montagne Noire. These factors mean that the terroir has optimum climatic conditions for olive production.

The olive oil from Domaine de L'Ostal is available in 50cl bottles, either individually or in 6-bottle cases.