An exceptional terroir

The Domaine de L'Ostal terroir lies between Carcassonne and Narbonne in the Languedoc region, on the hillsides of the Petit Causse.

In 2019, Domaine de L’Ostal obtained “High Environmental Value” certification (level 3) reflecting an ecological commitment that covers four key areas: biodiversity conservation, plant protection strategy, management of fertiliser use and management of water.

The area that produces Minervois La Livinière counts for around 50 % of the domaine's total surface under vines. Owing to its landscapes, it is widely considered as a miniature replica of the Minervois.

The soils are composed of alternate layers of compact limestone and sandy marl. This composition is conducive to water infiltration and the development of ground water which encourages vine roots to grow deeper into the soil.

An ideal microclimate for grapes

The area runs alongside the foothills of the Montagne Noire and is mostly south-facing. Its uneven terrain is made up of hills and valleys and has a variety of unique exposures that ensure each grape variety is able to develop its own original aromas.

This distinctive terroir has been worked since ancient times and is characterised by its individual microclimate that sees very sunny days contrasted with cool winds that blow down from the ridges. This alternation between warm and cool air is conducive to an even ripening of the grapes.