The village of Bages,

A tribute to the past

Since the year 2000, Jean-Michel Cazes has played an integral part in renovating his childhood village and has placed much emphasis on its history and leading figures. As such, the main square in Bages has been named after  Jean Odule Paulin Desquet, the legendary historical figure credited with creating the Commanderie du Bontemps du Médoc around the year one thousand.

Named "Wine Tourism Pioneer" by the French Superior Council of wine tourism

When Jean-Michel Cazes was considering extending Château Lynch-Bages in 2003, something clicked and he decided to salvage this small village with its rich history of wine production and links to the local region. It now offers endless opportunities for meeting those who produce the wines and prepare the food.  

It has since become a charming and popular tourist destination in the Médoc and was awarded the prestigious title of ''Wine Tourism Pioneer'' in 2010 by the French Superior Council of Wine Tourism (Conseil Supérieur de l’Œnotourisme). This picturesque village is full of opportunities to experience the true 'art de vivre' of the epicurean Médoc region!